Morris Kahn

In 1957, at the age of 26, Morris Kahn made Aliyah with his wife and two young sons. His foresight and business acumen were key to achieving his first large-scale success in the business world with the establishment of Israel’s Golden (Yellow) Pages in 1968. Six years later, Morris opened the first World underwater observatory in Eilat – a revolutionary concept that his company Coral World International also ‘exported’ to other countries. In 1978, Morris co-founded the Aurum Group, and proceeded to establish companies in diverse fields, including, among others, Golden Lines and Golden Channels, and was instrumental in the entry of global corporations AT&T and AIG into the Israeli market. In 1980 Morris co-founded Amdocs, which served as the foundation upon which Israel later built itself as ‘The Startup Nation’. His large-scale, diversified business activities contributed to the development of the Israeli economy and created thousands of jobs. Morris’s success has enabled him to invest in a variety of promising life sciences and clean-tech ventures. Striving to make the world a better place for present and future generations, Morris continues to leverage his wealth and influence to promote and support  many projects .In recent years Mr. Kahn has increasingly focused his attention on philanthropy and venture philanthropy, he supports, among others, cutting-edge cancer stem cell research, including the establishment of a laboratory for fertility preservation among cancer patients; a bio-medical research laboratory focusing on genetics and genetic mapping; the establishment of Israel’s national Institute for Biotechnology, and the establishment of a Center for Systems Biology of the Human Cell at the world-renowned Weizmann Institute.The most recent collaboration was establishing the Morris Kahn & Maccabi health data institute to enhance human health by providing technological platform that will support medical breakthroughs in the fields of predictive analysis and precision medicine and significantly increase the amount of research being performed at any given moment.

Mr. Kahn supports several initiatives that are close to his heart, including the promotion of successful, ethical and challenge-seeking youth leadership; making cataract and Trachoma  surgery accessible to Ethiopian villagers; running a summer camp for children with terminal diseases; operating a therapeutic horseback riding center for the disabled.  He supports Save a Child's Heart, an NPO for life-saving cardiac surgery for children from developing countries.